• Worldwide database of young sportsmen

  • Career is over here

  • Cheap shopping for sportsmen

  • A lot of tools to work and training

  • The story of your sport life

  • The specialists can observe your progress

  • Contacts and work with professional trainers
    of famous sport clubs

  • Big support for parent during the
    sport career of his children

  • Trainers can earn the money
    and do what they like

  • Platform for everyone who likes sport

  • Gorgeous place for supporters and fans

  • Through the DBXSport the other people
    will see your talent

  • Through the DBXSport young man
    may become famous

What we offer?


Ranking and statistics

follow rankings and statistics which encourage rivalry and make it easier for talent scouts to find people involved in sport


Finding sponsorship

we make it easier for you to find a sponsor


Career history

enables the building of credible story of own career over the years (innovative system of data entry verification)


Competitions & Events

win prizes by participating in various competitions and other events available on our website


Organizing events

organize events and increase income



contacts with trainers all around the world, consultations with professional players, own educational instruments, opportunity to teach others


Functional tools

functional tools for daily work including timeline, statistics, communication system integrated with social networking websites


Purchasing sports equipment

purchase interesting articles based on innovative distribution formula


Earning money

earn money for players, trainers and other types of users


Tracking your child's training progress

follow the progress of your child's sport career by consulting professional personal trainers


Media tools

tools for media and sport journalists-statistics, stories of users


Tools for talent scouts

How does it work?

Every new user can choose from specific types of accounts: young sportspersons, parents, personal trainers, sport clubs, sport professionals, supporters, sport organizations, social organizations, business accounts (producers, contractors), referees.

Every type of „card” has a set of profiled tools.

That way the user identified by a card „trainer” has a set of tools to conduct training sessions, use intuitive panels for planning exercises, assign the tasks for players, set work schedules and many other important tools for a personal trainer. A trainer account is integrated with other users' accounts so that each involved person immediately receives information from a trainer or can leave a message for him, send a file, mention yourself in trainer’s schedule etc. This concerns the players as well as parents, sport medics and other professionals or institutions such as teachers or clubs.

History of users' work is kept in our database. After years they can retrieve their work history when applying for a new job, contact the media or reach various events. All you need to do is to download the prepared files with a story description. At all times users have access to their own database.

Such tools are also available for the players, young sportspersons, clubs and even supporters or referees. Of course, appropriate and necessary tools are prepared for all accounts.

Media have also their tools. That way, journalists will be able to quickly use the database of watched matches and gain access to information about players, trainers and clubs. They can find out about a player's sport career and gain access to their profiles (social information as well as interests) via a large database of social information connected with social networking websites.

Talent scouts are equipped in tools to search talented individuals, analyze statistics, monitor players' development and even sign contracts with young sportspersons, set of achievement’s alert’s limits and other tools which will allow monitoring the development of young spoertspersons and recognizing their potential.

DBXSport prepares an appropriate packet of tools for everyone interested in sport. Primarily it will become a universal platform for the world sport that improves the flow of information, increases effectiveness in big careers and raises capabilities of young sportspersons to an incredible level.

For Parents

Our website will help you develop and shape your child's individual sport talents.

You will gain full control over the schedule, activity plan and the progress your child is making.

You will have the possibility to query the team of professionals and personal trainers.

You will always find it easy to contact our personal trainer as well as the club personnel.

Our website will make it easier for you to find clubs that might be interested in your child's potential.

We can offer sports equipment and products suited for your child.

For Sportspersons

If you are a young sportsman you can compare your own results and achievements with others, take challenges, keep history of your sports achievements and data from trainings in one place. You can buy cheap sports items and you have access to personal trainers from all over the world.

Thanks to DBXSport specialists from all over the world can see your talent and offer you cooperation.

For Personal Trainers

If you are a personal trainer you get a number of tools to run trainings, analyze matches, organize your own work as well as your group work, keep in touch with parents, club and players, run on-line trainings and courses.

You have the possibility to earn money, buy cheaper, organize events, build strong teams, run on-line training documentation and have it available anytime anywhere you are, analyze statistics via different functional tools e.g analyzing the progress of players, and many others.

There's even more

The first such comprehensive and thorough website for supporting careers of young sportspersons offers:
- equipment and tools to develop their sport talents
- the possibility to contact our professional personal trainers
- equipment available for them to use
- participation in professional trainings
- extensive ranking and rating system, talent hunt search engine
- a set of exercises, tools for customizing (personalizing) exercises according to your needs
- the possibility to create your career and work history
- the possibility to build teams and organize events
- attractive shopping schemes (dedicated sale system)
- tools

DBXSport Ambassadors

Dawid Banaszek

KAPITAN Reprezentacji Polski w rugby i najlepszy zawodnik Arki Gdynia!

Dawid Banaszek był najlepiej punktującym zawodnikiem na boiskach Ekstraligi Rugby w zakończonym sezonie 2014/2015. „Szatan” łącznie przez cały sezon zdobył 239 punktów co dało mu zwycięstwo w klasyfikacji najskuteczniejszych ligowców.

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